Most Common Reasons That Cause Female Hair Loss

The beauty of women gets more dignified with shiny and healthy hair. But this is not the same for all. Some females face the problem of hair loss, which really hurts them. This is also obvious, as the silky and shiny hair that adds to their beauty is becoming less and less common day by day. Alopecia is another term used for hair loss. It can be permanent or temporary. So if you are also facing the same situation, you have landed in the right place. In this blog, we will guide you to the top reasons for what causes hair loss in women and what ways to control it. To get rid of female hair loss problem, choose our best woman hair transplant service at our N7 Aesthetics clinic. N7 Aesthetics clinic is one of the trusted and certified Hair transplant in Chandigarh.

woman hair loss causes
  1. Hormonal Changes

We all know the role of hormones in our bodies. They function within your body as messengers. There are certain phases in women’s lives, such as pregnancy or menopause, that affect the hormones wildly. This can affect your hair too. Some female may experience thinner hair during this time and when they are back to their normal lives, they start facing the same issue. Also, it’s vice versa; cases are too applicable.

  1. Improper Diet and Nutrition

Your diet plays a major role in the condition of your hair. Proper nutrition is essential for healthy hair, as is a healthy desire for strong bones. Vitamins, proteins, and minerals are major components that help give your hair the nutrients it needs. You could experience deficiency and hair loss if your food is deficient in these vital nutrients. So, if you need healthy and shiny hair then focus on taking a balanced diet which will aid in maintaining strong, happy hair.

  1. Life Style of Individual

One of the most common reasons behind female hair loss Mohali is stress. High levels of stress, which are most common in the current situation, lead to telogen effluvium, which is a type of hair loss in which more hair enters the resting phase and sheds.

If you are taking diets that are too strict, it can deprive your body of essential nutrients that are necessary for healthy hair growth. Another thing that can negatively impact your hair’s blood flow is smoking. Along with hair, smoking has severe effects on your body’s health.

Additionally, over time, using harsh chemicals, coloring your hair frequently, or using a lot of hair products can weaken your hair. Therefore, it is critical to maintain the health of your hair by making decisions that lessen stress, eating well, and treating your hair gently.

  1. Trying Different Hairstyles

We all love to keep trying different hairstyles for awesome looks. And amazingly, our hair supports us to a great extent in achieving that look. But do you know that the way you style your hair can affect its health? If you always love to wear tight hairstyles like ponytails or braids, then your hair and scalp may feel stressed, which may result in hair loss. Also, using styling tools such as dryers and curlers without any protection for hair will affect the growth of hair. Before using such tools, you should make use of hair serum so that you can avoid damage at a certain level. Also, try to wear a simple hairstyle so that your hair can also feel relaxed and happy. These are some main woman hair loss causes.

Final Words

Hair loss is distressing, whatever the reason behind it. But there are also certain treatments available, such as hair transplants, that can help you achieve your desired quality of hair. Experts will remove the healthy hair from your scalp, which has hair in abundance, and implant it in the area where the hair is thin. If you are looking for woman hair transplant Mohali then you can get in touch with n7aesthetics. You can contact at +91- 9815977507 to know further.

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