Top Myths about Plastic Surgery

With the growing popularity of plastic surgery in Mohali, there are certain misconceptions that are also growing. since this is not common, like visiting a general physician for an infection or any other problem. It is related to aesthetics and changing the appearance of individuals. so it should be considered very precisely.

Only the right knowledge can overcome the plastic surgery myths. Here in this blog, we will state some of the myths that are quite popular among individuals associated with plastic surgery.

plastic surgery myths

Myth 1: It Is Very Expensive And Not worth the Money

It is one of the most common myths that people hear about plastic surgery treatment. Most people back out of this procedure because of the cost. However, patients do not understand that the cost of plastic surgery is very much relative to the procedure. The value and quality of the treatment are completely justified by the results.

Myth 2: It Leaves Scars

The loose skin of patients needs to be tucked away during the stitching process. It enhances the aesthetic appearance of the patient, and the scar marks are concealed and do not appear easily. It gives a natural appearance without any scars.

Myth 3: It Is Painful And Not Permanent

With growing technology and advanced tools, the procedure of plastic surgery in Mohali is very simple and painless. Anesthesia is given to the patient before starting the procedure, so the patient does not feel any discomfort. After the procedure, if any pain occurs, it will be handled with painkillers. Also, the result of plastic surgery is natural-looking and permanent. You can easily style your treated area according to your desires.

Myth 4: Men Do Not Go For Plastic Surgery

It is another common myth that women only desire beauty and appearance, but this is not true. Men, too, like to groom themselves and want to improve their looks. They may face distress and low self-esteem because of their appearance and undesired body shape. With the development of medical procedures, there are several plastic surgery treatments that are developed for men. They can contact the best plastic surgeon in Mohali and discuss their requirements.

Myth 5: People Trust Abroad For Plastic Surgery

Most of the patients trust that they will get the best treatment only abroad. But the origin of plastic surgery is in India, and it was invented back in 600 BC. Also today, plastic surgeons in Mohali are well-experienced and qualified to treat patients. They are now known worldwide for their expertise.

Myth 6: Plastic Surgery Is Unsafe

Most people think that plastic surgery procedures are unsafe. But this is only a myth. Yes, it’s true that there are certain risks involved, but that does not mean it is unsafe. With advanced technology, the procedure has become very safe and effective.

Myth 7: Breast Implants Increase Risk Of Breast Cancer

As per the study report by the Institute of Medicine, there is no chance of breast cancer due to breast implants. People only get the desired shape with the procedure and become confident in their lives. Also, it does not imply that breast examination should not be done, but it does not cause breast cancer in any way.

Final Words

Lack of knowledge often causes some plastic surgery myths among individuals. But the right guidance will solve all your misconceptions. Contacting a skilled plastic surgeon in Mohali will help you get the best treatment.

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